Don’t Blink

School starts this week.

Mostly, I am glad. School starting means routine is back. There are set bedtimes and wake-up times. There are still lots of things to do, but in the context of routine, it doesn’t feel so crazy.

But when I start to think about it, I get a little emotional. My firstborn, my daughter, my Anne is starting Jr. High. Time just seems to be going too fast. It only seems like yesterday I was sitting in my rocking chair with her in my arms.

It all started to feel a little too real yesterday. One of the “rites of passage” in our church is to present the outgoing 5th graders/incoming 6th graders with new Bibles. And yesterday was that day. As I watched Anne and her friends standing in front of the congregation, I was teary-eyed struck by how these kids (many of which I have known since they were born) are so big, so grown-up, so ready for this next phase of life.

Anne gets her new Bible

When I dropped her off for her first day of Kindergarten, I smiled as she walked away, and then bawled as I drove away. I have a feeling the first day of Jr. High will be much the same.

So today I give you this song as a reminder to cherish every moment. Because they are gone much too quickly.

  1. lillard and kathryn luttrell’s avatar

    Yes and our first born is 38…time really does fly by.



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