Food and Fitness Friday: Random Thoughts

I have a few different things rolling around in my head this morning and since I can’t decide which direction to go, I’ll just touch on a few things..

  • I have never had a terrible complexion; a few pimples here and there with more at certain times, less at others. Since switching my diet to a whole foods, plant-based one, I have noticed that I have fewer and fewer blemishes on my face. I know regular exercise is a key in this as well, but the combination of diet and exercise are having very positive effects on my skin. (And, as if to prove my point, I had some dairy while at a conference this week – because eating out is extremely difficult on a vegan diet – and a couple of spots showed up on my face last night.)
  • I need exercise to function well. A couple of days off because of being out-of-town and on a different schedule and I got tired and lethargic and wanted to quit exercising altogether. An hour and a half of yoga this morning (that my body desperately needed) and I am feeling ready to take on this training challenge again. (And it might help that our weekend runs are shorter this time.)
  • I made some food choices while out-of-town this week that weren’t great. Fat-filled. Cheesy. Too much. And boy was I not only miserable from eating too much and differently than my body has gotten accustomed to, but I was ready to be back home where I had more control/choices of what to eat. The veggie burger, covered in veggies, that I had for dinner last night was amazing and filling and I was ready for it. I am already thinking about what yummy goodness I will be making for dinner tonight with my slew of fresh produce from the co-op this week.

How are you doing these days? Are you finding the food and exercise combination that works for you?




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