How Does God Cheer for Us?

906825_10201159476297539_742330727_oYesterday I experienced some of the most vivid physical and emotional responses of my life as I watched my daughter compete in her first ever cheer competition.

There was one tumbling pass she was struggling with in practice the last couple of days, so I was talking her through it beforehand and praying like crazy as time approached for her squad to perform.

My stomach was in knots as I waited for them to take the floor.

As they started their routine the cheerleader in me took over and started yelling and cheering them on.

As they finished the first part of the routine and were ready to start the second part, there was a malfunction with the sound system and their music didn’t start. But they didn’t miss a beat, they started doing the rest of the routine to counts.

When Anne landed her troublesome tumbling pass, I was ecstatic!

They hit every stunt, their moves were sharp, their tumbling was great!

I was such a proud cheer mom! The adrenaline was running high.

And then we heard that because of the malfunction and their wait for the music to start, their routine went over on time and they would be penalized for it.

All of us parents were hurting for our girls. We were angry because it wasn’t their fault. And they did so well!

And then we got the word at the end of the day that on their first competition of the season, they qualified for state! But they didn’t place in the competition.

Talk about feelings and emotions all over the place!

As I sit here on the couch reflecting on the events of the day, I wonder what it is like up in heaven as God watches us. Does he have those up and down feelings as he watches us choose right and wrong, watches us thrive and fail, watches us jump for joy and cry out in pain?

I believe that He has such joy in His creation that He can’t help but be ecstatic when He sees us being the people who He created us to be, when He sees us loving one another the way that Christ loves us. I believe that His heart breaks to see us hurting, both when we make poor choices and when we have done nothing to deserve it.

And I also know that through all of the good, bad, and in between in our lives, God is present and “works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28).

Our girls are strong, and they showed that strength as they continued their routine without music, and as they reacted to the reality that they may have placed in the competition were it not for the technical problem. They will use this as a jumping off point, and they will be back stronger than ever next week.

If you are feeling like life is hard and out of your control, know that in the midst of your circumstances, God is at work. He is bringing His good into your life and is cheering you on as you proceed down the path that He is leading you on.

  1. Corie Clark’s avatar

    Great post Chrisy! I often wonder what He’s thinking too! It changes our perspective a little when we know that everything we do is for Him and not for anyone else.
    Site looks great too!!



    1. Michelle’s avatar

      Great post! What a beautiful image if God fist pumping the air as He cheers for us 🙂




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