Snow Day!

Today we are snowed in our house. We got somewhere in the vicinity of 13 inches of snow yesterday and the subsequent blowing, drifting, and sub-zero temps have essentially shut down most of the area. Schools are closed, offices are closed, even Mike’s employer shut down so he didn’t have to go into work last night.

The kids are thrilled to have an extra day of break, and I am thrilled to get another day with them.

But it does throw off my plans a bit.

Today was to be the first day of a new reality – unemployment. Yes, I haven’t worked since I left work on December 20, but today was going to be the first day where the kids went off to school and I didn’t go to work.

I kind of had some plans for how today might look.

But thanks to the intervention of the weather, those plans get put off for another day.

Today, I will focus on playing with my kids, watching movies, crocheting, cooking, and whatever else we feel like doing on this snow day!

If you are one of the lucky ones experiencing a snow day, enjoy the day and the extra time to just relax and have fun!



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