Back to Life, Back to Reality

Back to life, back to reality, this is what has been going through my head all morning. (And to all of you who are now singing the song by the same name, you are welcome.)

The kids are back in school after more than three weeks off – two for Christmas and another one for snow. Cheer practice starts back up tonight, games tomorrow and Thursday, homework, and juggling schedules begins again. Back to normal life.

And then there is the reality portion of the show. My job has been eliminated. I am unemployed for the first time in more than 13 years. I am not going back to work as the kids go back to school.


Now what?

Lord, really, now what?

I have been in a place of listening for quite some time and don’t have a clear word yet.

So, I guess the now what is to keep listening.

But waiting is hard for me. I don’t do “nothing” well. So in the midst of listening, I have to learn to wait, too.

So I guess my new reality is waiting and listening for now.

I know God is at work and is up to something good.

I just have to wait and listen for His cue to move on to the next new reality.

Are you waiting and listening for something new from the Lord?

  1. Karen’s avatar

    First, thank you for the earworm. tsk tsk.
    Second, *hug* Maybe it’s a cue to excel at something new? A time to throw yourself into one or two of your hobbies or rekindle some relationships until there’s a new job for you. Maybe learning from those new hobbies/relationships are your path for now. I don’t do *nothing* well either. Everytime I try it, I clean parts of my house instead.



    1. Chrisy’s avatar

      Thanks, Karen! Those are just some of the kinds of ideas I am playing with. Maybe I can come see you soon!




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