It’s Cold!!

For anyone who doesn’t live in the Midwest, it is COLD here! We keep getting these big dips of arctic air that are making the temps frigid. These cold temps make it really hard to consistently exercise when the bulk of your exercise is typically done outside in the form of running and walking. I have spent some time walking on the treadmill and lifting weights at the Greenville College Sports Annex, but treadmills are not my favorite thing in the world. Not to mention, I still have to leave the house. In the cold. Not my idea of a good time, considering I really dislike being cold.

So the question is, what to do? I don’t want to not work out.

  • I have a whole stack of Bikini Body Mommy workouts and most can be done right in my bedroom.
  • I have yoga workout DVD’s that I love and can be done right in my bedroom.
  • I have stairs that I can walk or run up and down.
  • There are tons of body weight workouts on Pinterest to choose from.

See, there is no excuse for not continuing to work out because of the cold temperatures when there are so many things that can be done in the comfort and warmth of my own home.

So, for those of you struggling with the winter cold and working out, here are some very practical options that keep you inside where it is warm, but keep you off the couch and in shape!



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