Into the Light

I have been going through a study with some friends by Beth Moore entitled, When Godly People Do Ungodly Things. She talks a lot about the idea of seduction – not just sexual, but seduction into sin – and the fact that as followers of Christ, we have to be on guard because Satan has a plan to make us fail and fall into sin so that we aren’t able to do the work that we were intended to do as the people of God.

Then this morning, I was reading this blog post by Anne Marie Miller, and the common thread from her post and this study that stuck out to me in a glaring ways is this:

Don’t hide. Bring everything into the light.

When we hide our hurts, our fears, our sins, or anything else, we are giving those things power over us. We are allowing the darkness to rule. We are allowing our souls to be eaten away by these things that we keep to ourselves.

But when we bring them out into the light, when we share our struggles with others, when we place those things that have been ruling our life at the foot of the cross, we remove their power over us and allow the power and light of Christ to permeate those dark areas and bring healing and wholeness.

Because here’s the thing, darkness cannot overpower light, but light always dispels the darkness.

Bringing everything into the light doesn’t make everything better immediately. Bringing everything into the light doesn’t erase the hurt and the pain. Bringing everything into the light doesn’t change the fact of sin.

Bringing everything into the light does make way for healing to take place. Bringing everything into the light does allow the work of grace to begin.

And that is what is needed more than anything.

If there are areas of your life that are living in darkness, I encourage you to bring them into the light of God’s love and grace. Talk to someone. Talk to God. Don’t let the darkness win.

Life in the light is so much better.



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