Princesses Galore

This weekend I was privileged to be one of the 25,000 runners at the Walt Disney World Princess Half-Marathon. It was my 12th half marathon since I started running in 2007. It was wonderful. The weather was hot, but overcast so the sun didn’t make it unbearable. We dressed in our best princess attire and had so much fun!


One of the best moments of the race was as we exited Cinderella’s castle and were headed out of Magic Kingdom and I found myself overwhelmed to the point of tears as I pulled out my phone and typed this note:

As a Daughter of the King, and thus a true princess, I am overwhelmed as I see His princesses of all shapes, sizes, colors, economic classes, and more running, walking, being healthy, challenging themselves, smiling, struggling, loving themselves and one another, giving encouragement and just enjoying the gift that is life and health.

We all ran that race for different reasons, we all had a different experience, we all come from different backgrounds, but there is something beautiful about the gathering of God’s creation to celebrate and encourage one another through a challenge.

And this is how we should be approaching life as well. Celebrating it. Building one another up. Helping one another along. Enjoying it. Watching the sights and people around us. Embracing it. Crying as we cross certain “finish lines” together. Truly living in community.

Are you living in community? You need to be. Find one. Make one. You won’t be sorry.

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    Love this! And you are so right!!




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