Stupid Knee!

This is a phrase I have been using in excess for the last few weeks.

Stupid knee!

On March 8, I went for a run. It was great.

On March 9, I did yoga. It felt wonderful.

On March 10, I did a full-body workout, followed by a run that turned into a walk because my quads were so tight from the workout.

On March 11, I did an upper body workout and felt good.

On March 11 in the evening, my knee was so swollen I couldn’t walk.

I haven’t worked out since.

I am in the midst of trying to diagnose and treat the knee with the help of medical professionals (and with the hindrance of our insurance company – grrr), but as of yet, I still am not able to exercise because nearly everything I could do requires the use of my knee.

Again, stupid knee!

As I have told you before, everything in my life is tied together – particularly eating well, exercise, and emotional health.

When I can’t exercise, I eventually fall into eating like crap, which makes me fall into a depression funk, which makes me want to eat terribly, which makes me feel even worse…you get the idea.

The last couple of days have been HORRIBLE!

It doesn’t help that there are a few other things going on in my life that are pulling at my emotions, but my eating and lack of activity are a huge culprit to my declining emotional health.

And the worst part is, I know it and I feel unable to do anything to stop it.

All I want to do is RUN! Running is my lifeline. Running is cheaper than therapy – and more effective in my case. Running is what I do. Running has become who I am.

And I can’t do it.

I walked into True Runner yesterday and just about cried.

I am sitting here typing this nearly in tears.

I am not sure what to do or where to go. I just want the MRI I need to have to diagnose the torn meniscus so they can send me to a surgeon so I can have the surgery I need so I can get on with the six weeks of recovery so I can run again.

But in the meantime, something is going to have to give. And by putting this out there, I am hopeful that this will be the impetus for me to do something different, even if it is finding a Pilates workout that doesn’t tax my knee and throwing out all the Easter candy in my house.

So here’s hoping for progress, because I have come too far on my health journey to fall into old habits now!

Anyone else out there struggling with similar issues? Anyone who has struggled with these issues have any advice or encouragement? I am all ears!

Update 5/8/14: Stupid knee is getting fixed next week and they say I could be up and literally running again within 3-4 weeks after! Here’s hoping and praying!



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