Living Life for God

I try to live my life in such a way that whatever I do points to God and brings Him glory. I don’t need recognition for it, I just want to be a Daughter of the King who points to the King instead of to myself.

Sometimes in the midst of life, God gives us a special treat by letting us see how much the way we live our lives has impacted others.

Today, I got one of those special treats.

One of my favorite princesses, Brittney, a senior at Greenville College, introduced me before I spoke in chapel this morning. I am so proud of this girl! She is loving on kids, following a call of God to be a minister of His Gospel, and stepping out in faith as she starts the next chapter of her life.

And these are the amazingly kind words she had to say today.

If I have learned anything over my past four years here, I have learned that community is important. While this word is thrown around this campus, about as often as #iheartIvan or #iheartGC, it has a different meaning for everyone that steps foot on this campus.

We all know that community is important, and we are doing our best to harbor true community here on campus. While we are doing just that, we are a sub-community inside of a larger community.

Greenville, Illinois is filled with some of the most loving, kind-hearted, Christ-focused people, who are all committed to doing good, seeking Christ, and loving on us college kids.

Over the past four years, I have been able to be a part of some of the most incredible families. I have worked with some of the most Christ-focused kids, sat around dinner tables with families who are invested in the lives of college kids, and worshipped alongside some of the most spiritually mature people.

Chrisy Ennen has been one of those people who has taken me in as her own and allowed me to be a part of her family. With two loving kids, Anne and Ty, and a husband, Mike, Chrisy has been nothing but loving and encouraging towards me.

From deep theological talks, to geeking out over our new princess crowns, Chrisy has allowed me to live life with her and her family the past few years.

With a heart as beautiful as campus in springtime, and a life that is devoted to bringing the Kingdom of God here, she has a calling to serve, love, and invest in those who are around here.

She’s a spiritual developer, a graduate of Greenville College, and a Kingdom worker. Please join me in welcoming my fellow princess, Chrisy Ennen.

Thank you, Brittney, for your kind words that give me a glimpse that I am living my life for God in such a way that it is impacting others!



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