What are You Waiting for?

You have been wanting to eat better, and every Monday you say you will, but then when you mess up you wait until the next Monday to try again.

You have been wanting to exercise, and every Monday you say you will, but when you sleep in instead, you wait until the next Monday to vow to get up and work out.

It is a vicious cycle.

What is it about January and Monday that make us think those are the only days that we can make a change?

In Anne of Green Gables, Anne and Miss Stacy talk about the fact that every day is fresh with no mistakes in it (yet). The same is true of every minute. So you ate half of a pizza for dinner. You can start fresh NOW. You don’t have to let yourself eat a large Blizzard just because you ate too much dinner. So you overslept this morning. That doesn’t mean the couch has to swallow you this evening.

I read this last week and it has been sitting on my desk in post-it note form since then:

2014-06-20 08.38.36

You will never start eating well if you don’t change your mindset and actually start eating well – and start over the minute after you are less than perfect.

You will never start exercising if you don’t make a decision to change your lifestyle – and keep moving – even when you were a bump on a log all day.

I am not perfect. I try to maintain a vegan diet, but cheese is of the devil and it calls to me. And sometimes I listen. But then I pick myself up, dust myself off, and jump back on the path that I have chosen for myself. I try to exercise regularly, but schedules, sleep, and a bum knee recently, sometimes throw me off. But I have to make myself get up and start over again the next day – or even that evening.

It is hard. But it is a choice.

Have you seen this floating around on Facebook and Pinterest lately?


It’s true. You are free to choose, but you have to live with the consequences (or joys) of your choice.

What are you waiting for? Choose health today!

I am starting a Test Challenge Group for a new Beachbody workout that is now available, PiYo, in July. This new workout is low impact and combines the best of Pilates and Yoga. The Test Group will be a virtual group where we hold one another accountable while using the new workout. If you want to join my test group (available to anyone in any location), simply visit my website, order the PiYo workout DVD, and let me know. I will add you to the group. Let’s get fit together!

2014-06-17 11.40.57

  1. charles’s avatar

    So true, we continuely set expectations of change then when we fall short we punish ourselves through guilt. Personally I quit making resolutions as they are a setup for a let down. Personal accountability is the only way to get off the couch.. helps to have a support group that is doing it with you. Like breaking a bad habit, have to separate from it to succeed.



    1. Chrisy’s avatar

      I always do better when I am doing things with other people! Accountability and support are so important!




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