You Know You

Last night I was watching Oprah’s Master Class with Tim McGraw that I had DVR’d a few weeks ago.

I like Tim McGraw’s music; his relationship with Faith Hill has always intrigued me; and I thought it would be interesting to hear his story in his own words.

And it was. But the part I appreciated most was this section (and following). I liked the way he not only owned up to the fact that there was a problem that needed to be addressed, but following this section he said something along the lines of you know when you drink too much. And until you acknowledge it and do something about it nothing will change.

The same is true of anything in our lives. We know when we are doing things in excess or things that are detrimental to our (lives, relationships, etc.), and until we make the decision to do something about it, nothing will change. This could be eating habits, social habits, drinking habits, relational habits, work habits and so much more.

We have the ability to make a change.

We have the ability to get control.

We have the ability to choose.

Sometimes it takes talking with someone else and having accountability.

Sometimes it takes taking a stand.

Sometimes it takes removing certain influences from our lives.

But the bottom line is that we know ourselves, and we know what needs to be done to address whatever issues we face.

We just have to be willing to do so, and then act on that willingness.

If healthy eating and exercise is something that you need help with, I would love to help you. Just ask.

  1. claire’s avatar

    ooooh i love this! i spoke about intentional living and loving at church on sunday and i think some people just dont understand that power of choice… that we have that ability to choose… and yay for those masterclasses!!!!



    1. Chrisy’s avatar

      I am constantly reminding my kids that they have a choice in everything! And that power of choice makes all the difference!




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